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Through Phantom Eyes ~~ The Complete Story

Site updated December 4, 2019


Book to Screen Program

I've enrolled in the Book to Screen Program with Voyage Media. As the name suggest, this is a program that helps authors get their books/ideas made into movies, TV series, etc. I'll be updating this information as it happens. To read more, go here!
Unmasked Hearts Review
Written by
Susan Rueppel
Energetic Wisdom Intuition for Empowerment

Through Phantom Eyes, Volume Six, take us further into the fascinating depths of Erik’s life – his thoughts, dreams, and brilliance. Bruns is a masterful storyteller who skillfully crafts a world that is vivid and engrossing. As some of Erik’s greatest desires surprisingly come true, he also faces some of his greatest challenges. Another juicy emotional roller coaster of a can’t-put-it-down read.  Eagerly awaiting the next volume.  

Release Information ~ December 4, 2019 ~ To read, click here.

Special Scenes ~ Updated December 4, 2019 ~ To read, click here.

Welcome to
This site is dedicated solely to Erik and those who have inspired his story.
Read on and learn how he became known as the Phantom of the Opera.
Any enthusiast of the infamous Opera Ghost has perhaps questioned certain aspects of his life and personality. So, as you read these novels and allow him to reveal his clandestine life, as seen in vivid detail 'through his eyes,' all the questions you might have had about him could be laid to rest.
As each volume is released, you'll follow Erik from the cradle to the grave and beyond in a way never before attempted. You'll discover his astonishing life by journeying with him into his private world and intimate thoughts. You'll be helped to feel and to understand him, his passion, his anger, his pain, and his love for his music and for Christine. You'll walk with him as he struggles to balance his brilliant mind with his tormented soul. If you allow yourself to venture into Erik’s thoughts and passions, you'll understand why and how he became the Phantom of the opera.
Browse through the synopsis and excerpts of each volume, and see what is in store for those with a compassionate and yet strong enough heart to read them. Then, as you turn the first page of this unique work of fact and fiction, you'll be joining us on an unexpected and exciting journey.

Award for Mon Ami.

Volume Three in this series, Mon Ami, has won its second award. On April 24, 2010, NCPA (Northern California Publishers and Authors Association) awarded Mon Ami the gold plaque for the best fiction book of 2010. We are honored, thankful, and very pleased to have received this award.