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Author's Acknowledgements

          My eternal gratitude reaches out to those who inspired me and helped me breathe life into this unforeseen work. First and foremost to Erik himself, for as his lonely existence consumed my thoughts and his mournful pain permeated my heart, my own expressions pleaded for a release from their boundaries. Consequently, without his tragic life so full of love for his music and Christine, my imagination would have remained silent, and I wouldn’t have started on this astonishing journey in my life. Therefore, merci, Erik!

          Next, to Brad Little, whose eloquent voice, along with his amazing musical portrayal of Erik’s love, passion, and pain on the stage, unlocked my barren heart. Because of his extraordinary talent, my own passion was aroused in ways previously unknown to me. Brad’s awareness of Erik’s love for that one exceptional woman, Christine, was what enabled me to spread my awakening heart across the printed page for everyone to see. I’m forever thankful, Brad!

          Then there is Patti who came into my life quite unexpectedly because of her fascination with Erik’s life. Among other things, she most importantly helped me keep my fingers on the pulse of those who want to read more about this man known as “The Phantom.” Perhaps with trepidation, she courageously spoke her mind and gave me insight. So thank you, Patti, for your time, tender care, and understanding of my special needs.

          In addition, there’s my remarkable daughter Debi who also shares my love for Erik’s story. She committed to working long and tedious hours with me to put the finishing touches on every word and phrase within my labor of love. Thanks to her keen eye, diligence, proofing ability, and patience, I believe the finished product is such that anyone can easily read, understand, and enjoy. A mere thank you isn’t enough to express my appreciation for all you’ve done, Deb! 

          And to Tara, my attentive and loving friend and daughter, who served as my personal assistant and took over many of my wearisome, yet necessary and important, responsibilities. She is also the creator of this site, and has spent numerous and tedious hours putting all the pieces together. In addition, she has come up with some great promotional ideas that will help get the word out to Phantom fans so more will be able to read Erik's story. Without her help I wouldn’t have been able to spend the necessary time writing and editing. She unswervingly made sure I ate, slept, and didn’t forget that I had a family and a life beyond my laptop. So, thank you so much Tara for assuring that I stayed alive to finish these books.  

          Finally, there is my eternal friend and daughter Kelli who from the beginning enthusiastically shared my desire to see Erik with a full and satisfying life. She served as my diligent researcher, patient teacher, gentle critic, knowledgeable literary collaborator, public relations specialist, and my first fan. Her self-sacrificing efforts and encouragement over the years stirred my soul and gave me courage—courage that I never knew existed, and courage that was an essential element to see these novels to their completion. I fear without her ever-present reassurance, my whimsical ideas about Erik’s life would have eventually retreated in a cowardly fashion back into my imagination. There they would be forced to live with the rest of my “happily-ever-after” endings, somewhere in the silent and dark recesses of my fanciful mind. Merci!  Merci beaucoup, Kelli!