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Press Release

  Author finishes her five-year project! 

A heart-wrenching novel about Erik, a deformed, musical, child genius, and his first steps to becoming known as the Phantom of the Opera. While music brought joy into Erik’s world, how his deformity was viewed by his contemporaries brought him great sorrow.  These extremes, as well as a clearer understanding of his mother’s fear,  are intertwined in this adventurous and passionate saga.  Even those not familiar with the Phantom’s story will be entranced with this novel. 

 Through Phantom Eyes ~ Volume One ~ A Child’s Guidance 

After five years of writing, Ms. Theodora Bruns has released her first novel. She is proud to announce this new and exciting story covering the first ten years in the life of Erik—the man known as the Phantom of the Paris Opera House. Deeper insight into the genius mind, tortured soul, and passionate heart of this legendary character is unmasked in this new work of fact and fiction. 

Gaston Leroux first brought Erik to life in his writings, and Andrew Lloyd Webber added his brilliant music to this man’s story. Now, millions of “Phantom of the Opera” fans the world over can read about Erik’s complete life as seen through his eyes. When Erik takes his first steps toward his destiny as the Phantom, all can be with him and experience his struggles. They can journey into his private world and intimate thoughts and feel the beat of his heart when he first meets his only love—Christine. 

Ms. Bruns’s experience of having raised five children has given her keen insight into the hearts of young ones, which adds warmth to Erik’s story. She believes that all persons deserve to have a voice to express their innermost feelings, and that is wh at she has given Erik in this first volume, A Child’s Guidance. 

A Child’s Guidance is the first installment in this series of eight, which allows Erik to tell his complete story—from infancy to the very end. Those who have already read it are eagerly awaiting the second volume. Any person who enjoys “The Phantom of the Opera” will be captivated with this version of Erik’s life. Even those who are not familiar with Gaston Leroux’s or Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom will enjoy this novel, since, from the harrowing beginning to the gratifying end, it weaves a most amazing saga.


Binding: Trade paperback Size: 344 pages 6”x9” ISBN#: 979-0-595-39853-9 Price: $19.95

Binding: Hardcover library with dust jacket Size: 344 pages 6”x9” ISBN#: 979-0-595-84278-0 Price: $29.95



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