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Our Current Discounts

Updated March 24, 2015

The ongoing discount of 10% on all volumes is continuing. This is my way of apologizing for the delay in publishing the sixth volume. T
here's also the additional discount when purchasing more than one volume that is still active.

 For every additional volume you order, there's another $5 deducted. Such as: if you order 2 volumes, you get $5 off, and if you order three volumes, you get $10 off, and so on. Therefore, if you purchase all five volumes, there will be $40 taken off your purchase price in addition to the 10% on each volume. 

That is a considerable savings, and it will help those who might need to catch up on some of the volumes they've missed. Or, if you're new to the Through Phantom Eyes family, this discount will help you get started on your journey. 

All discounts are automatic and will show up during checkout. 

To order, click here. 

Volume Five ~~ Christine!

Volume Five ~~ Christine!