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Volume Two ~ Forsaken Reviews

Shirley A. C. wrote: At long last, an author who writes decent and clean Phantom stories! Mrs. Bruns has outdone herself with this one--the emotional impact was incredible! A well crafted book, with details that you can submerse yourself in and feel as though you are actually part of the story.  Now, if you are one of the Phantom fans who like a shorter, easier read, her books are not for you. This book is very detailed and immaculately put together, but rather long. Not that that is a bad thing.  Excellent book!

Deborah R. wrote: I've just finished reading Forsaken. I simply couldn't close the pages unless I was falling asleep! After reading your books I don't believe I'd ever want to see the movie; I'm quite certain I'd be sadly dissapointed in it. I can hardly wait for Mon Ami! When do you project it's publication? In the meanwhile, I'm sure I'll read both of these volumes again as time goes on.  Your stories based on Erik's life are the first recreational books I've enjoyed in years. They're so positively intriguing, once I pick up the book I don't want to lay it down! I specially appreciate how you tie everything together, and each volume to the next, by means of the prologue and epilogue. It enables the reader to stay with Erik as he recalls the years of his life. It also whets a tremendous appetite for the next volume.  With impatient anticipation, Deb

Rumi M. wrote: I was so thrilled when Foresaken arrived in the mail.  After reading volume one of Mrs. Bruns' masterpiece, I was anxious to jump into volume two.  Chapter by chapter flew by as I found it difficult to put her book down.  I love the detail and description Mrs. Bruns incorporates into her writing.  One can feel and understand Erik's pain, anger, sorrow, joy, and happiness through her magnificent writing.  Forsaken will make one's heart ache for Erik.  I can't wait to see how Erik's life will develop in volume 3!

Shirley R. wrote: Theodora Graves’ Through Phantom Eyes books are captivating.  As with the first book of the, I had a hard time putting Forsaken down.  Theodora’s passionate inspiration by the life of the haunted soul known as The Phantom of the Opera, comes through in her skillful ability to capture and express her character’s pain, sorrow, and joys.  Her books bring her characters to life, allowing us to not just observe them, but experience their lives from the inside out.  Heart wrenching at times, the dramatic life of the brilliant and talented Erik allows us to feel the anguish of being different and his tormented journey to express his astounding talents in the world.  I excitedly await the next volume!