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Our Favorite Performers

Our Favorite Phantoms 

Through the magic of the silver screen, Joel Schumacher got us up close and personal with Gerard Butler—The Phantom of the Opera. Mr. Butler’s performance as the Phantom pulled us into the heart of this tortured man, Erik. With only half of his face exposed, Gerard’s expressions helped us to feel everything from his pain and anger while watching his love, Christine, kiss her childhood sweetheart during “All I Ask of You,” to his passionate love for her and his music during “Music of the Night.” Gerard Butler’s expressions also captured our attention with two other extremes, his disbelief and uncontrolled anger over Christine’s betrayal at the end of “Point of No Return,” and his heartfelt remorse over his own murderous actions in the closing scenes.  

While nothing will ever take the place of watching a live performance of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “The Phantom of the Opera,” the handsome expressions of Gerard Butler will forever stay etched in this grateful fan’s mind and heart.