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A Child's Guidance ~ Synopsis & Excerpts

Volume One in the series delves into the first ten years of Erik's life - the man known the world over as the Paris Opera Ghost. In addition, concealed within the prologue and epilogue of this first volume, you'll experience Erik’s first exciting encounter with Christine. Whether you're a Phantom veteran or someone looking for a great novel, you'll find this book a wonderful read that leaves you wanting more.


The year is 1838. Erik is only a small child when he first discovers his great passion for music. Just before his third birthday, he listens to his mother playing the piano, and with excitement, he realizes his life will always be filled with music. Sadly though, along with that powerful and comforting emotion, there is also sorrow. Erik’s mother fears him because of his facial deformity, and his heart is forever scarred by her rejection. His father loves and protects him and tries to guide his young son’s rapidly growing genius mind and disturbed heart. Nevertheless, Erik’s soul begins to fill with loathing for the world that shuns him, causing him to wage a fierce battle between murderous hatred and compassionate love.

Erik’s temper erupts violently at times, endangering the lives of those around him as well as his own. Ultimately, he is abandoned and left alone to battle not only a world destined to cause him harm but also his tortured heart.


Prologue Preview  ~~  Moments before Erik sees Christine for the first time.

. . . I became aware that my voice alone was vibrating through the nearly dark house. The ballerinas huddled together, resembling a group of porcelain figurines thrown on a young maiden’s bookshelf. They had a death grip on each other in an endeavor to protect themselves from their own over-active imaginations, fueled by the power of my imposing voice. As the last thunderous waves of sound gradually subsided, a chilling silence crept over the stage, and out of the stillness a small familiar voice dared to mutter.

 “It’s the Phantom! I know it!” 

At Age Five ~~ Beyond Anger

. . . I took a deep breath, but then the precious seconds of being permitted to feel her warmth were gone. Without our music, our moment together evaporated and became nothing more than a childish fantasy.

As she shoved me away, she rebuked me strongly. “Erik, what do you think you’re doing?”

I stumbled backward as the pain I so feared tore through my heart, and the appearance of her face turned from one of pleasantness to one of disdain. Then the crushing ache in my chest also changed from one of pain to tempestuous anger as I began my unbridled assault.

“Why, Mama? Why do you hate me so? Why can’t you love me? Why, Mama? Is it because of this?” I tore the mask from my face and flung it at her. Then I charged at her, getting my face as close to hers as was physically possible. “Is it because of my face, Mama? Is it? I didn’t make this face, Mama, so why do you hate me for it? - Why?"

My voice rose, and my breathing increased so much that I began gasping for air, while demanding an answer. “Why can’t you just love me, Mama?”



With all the inhumanities that Erik suffered, starting with his mother’s rejection, how did he manage to live without becoming a homicidal psychopath? What allowed him to grow to manhood and still have a sense of moral value? From where did he receive such powerful guidance? What gave him the idea of living inside the walls of the Paris Opera House? How did he come to have such a passion for music, especially the piano and violin? What was the real reason for his mask? Why did he have an attachment for box five? What gave him the ideas for so many of his inventions, such as the mirror chamber? Why did he wear a gold band on his little finger?

Begin to unravel the answers to these questions and more in the first volume of this in-depth account of Erik’s early life at home. Embrace his mind, heart, and soul, and then travel with him as he struggles to find balance between his genius mind, lonely heart, and tortured soul.