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Forsaken ~ Synopsis & Excerpts

This second volume, about pre-teen and teen Erik, follows his perilous journey toward his destiny as The Phantom. In this section, you'll learn how and why he reached the pinnacle of his horrifying anger and then how he learned to control it. Also, concealed within the pages of the prologue and epilogue of this second volume, is the continuing adventure as Erik begins his portrayal as Christine's Angel of Music.


The year is 1846. Erik is caught in the middle of a tragedy that will forever change his life. He finds himself abandoned and fleeing his home in Perros-Guirec, France to safeguard his freedom. While he hated most of the people in his home town, the people he encounters in the world outside of it are cruel beyond his imagination, and he, on more than one occasion, barely escapes with his life. While most people are heartless, there are a few kind ones who have compassion for poor Erik and his miserable plight. It is their kindness that enables him to continue toward his goal of Venice, Italy.

Erik’s stature grows until he is taller than most men, and his brilliance also continues to grow until it is beyond the reach of all. While his physical and mental abilities intimidate most, and Erik continues to feel he is nothing more than a deformed reject, many women are more than attracted to the man he is becoming – the man that is destined to enchant the feminine heart with his voice along with his maturing masculinity.  


At Age Eleven ~~ An Unexpected Encounter

I continued to hum and he continued to growl.  Then I stopped humming and started to talk slowly and softly. He stopped growling, and I kept talking while listening closely to determine where he was. I was looking intently through the crack in the door, but it was just too dark to see anything. I kept talking for a bit longer, and when I didn’t hear anything inside, I stopped and listened more closely. Then, the next sound I heard nearly stopped my heart.
I heard him panting, but he wasn’t in the barn any longer; he was right behind me, and I froze, knowing he held the cards that I thought I had in my control. Eventually, I managed to start talking softly again and turned slowly around, and, when I did, I found he was sitting less than a meter from me. I didn’t move and neither did he.

At Age Eighteen ~~ A Flirtatious Gypsy Girl

I swam for a bit and then just floated while enjoying the peace and quiet and the cool water. I looked up at the tiny sliver of the moon and thought back over the evening and the enjoyment I received from my music and the glowing comments from those around me. I closed my eyes and drifted more until I felt adequately refreshed. Then I got out and dried off. I first replaced my most important piece of clothing, my mask, and then slipped my trousers on. Next, I sat on a rock and started to put on my boots.
Then I heard a faint noise behind me; I leapt to my feet, turned, and wrapped my fingers around my lasso. It was extremely dark, and I had to strain my eyes to peer into the darkness. My hand was ready for the toss when I recognized a female form in the shadow of a tree. I relaxed my hand and replaced the coil before I spoke to her in not the friendliest tone.

“What do you want, Vera?”

She walked slowly toward me, coyly smiled, and then spoke in a deliberately seductive tone. “Perhaps the same thing you want, Erik.”


How did Erik find himself as a performer in a traveling circus? How did he create his look, with the cloak and hat, which made him nearly invisible?  From where did he learn the skill of the Punjab lasso, and, more importantly, why?  Was there a reason, other than his deformity, for his living a solitary life?  Who was the Persian, and how did he meet Erik.  Was Christine the first woman in his life.

Unravel the answers to these questions and more in the second volume of this in-depth account of Erik’s teenage years. Embrace his mind, heart, and soul, and then travel with him as he continues his struggles to find balance between his genius mind, lonely heart, and tortured soul.