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About The Site

   We, at Through Phantom Eyes, are proud to bring you this fresh and exciting collection of books detailing the life of Erik, otherwise known as The Phantom of The Opera. The entire world has heard of this legendary character and his role as the Paris Opera House's Opera Ghost. But have you ever wondered what inspired him to live in the depths of that famed structure or what happened after the traumatic events of his last night with Christine? The thoughts and imagination of Theodora Bruns delves into the unknown facets of his extraordinary and exciting life.    

   Through Phantom Eyes website is designed not only for everyone who is interested in The Phantom of the Opera but also for anyone who is interested in a great story. This site gives insight into this fine collection of novels by highlighting a synopsis and excerpts from each volume. On this site, you can purchase either a hardbound, softcover, or ebook. Also, by purchasing these novels on this site, you can choose to have it signed by the author and personalized with your name.

   So browse around, and enjoy your stay.