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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What makes this book different from the other books about The Phantom?

A:   First of all, it is the only story about The Phantom of this length, eight volumes that, to date, has taken five and a half years to write. In addition, to my knowledge, it is the only story that covers his life from the cradle to the grave from his point of view. There isn’t another book in print that digs so deeply into Erik’s thoughts and ties in the reasons why he lived as he did at the Paris Opera House.  Also, as far as I know to this date, this is the only book that uses as its reference material Gaston Leroux’s original novel about The Phantom without being influenced by either the stage musical, The Phantom of the Opera, or the movie by the same name--such as Christine being blonde and not a brunette.

Q:  When will the different volumes become available? 

A:   The publishing plan is to release at least two volumes a year. On the "More Information" page of each volume, you will find a proposed release date for that volume. To view, click here.  Those dates will be updated from time to time as the situation warrants.

Q:  How much is shipping?

A:  The minimum shipping and handling cost  is by USPS Flat Rate Envelope at $4.80 per book.  For a complete list of available shipping methods and costs, visit our "Shipping" page.  

Q.  What forms of payment do you accept?

A.  See our "Policy" page for a complete list of payment options.