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A Childs' Guidance Reviews

Shirley A. C. wrote:  I embarked on reading this book rather tentatively, as I have read numerous poorly written phan fics. However, I must say that this book was a pleasant surprise in every respect. Everything about it is simply exquisite. The author puts you inside of Erik's mind and in his world--giving insight that is truly brilliant. This book is an absolute MUST HAVE for any dedicated POTO phan.

Another thing I deeply appreciate about this book is the fact that it is completely clean and above board. As in: no language, no sexual innuendo, nothing inappropriate in the slightest. THANK YOU, Mrs. Theodora Bruns for that!! I cannot say how thankful I am to finally read a decent Phantom book. Wonderful work!  I cannot wait to purchase the continuation to this series!

Lea from Mazatlan, Mexico wrote:  Through Phantom Eyes and Into Our Hearts. What a daunting task Ms. Bruns has undertaken with her first novel which explores the early childhood of Erik, the Phantom of the Opera. The story is poignant, intense and strangely haunting. Her vision of young Erik's beginnings can be overwhelming. I found myself able to read only a few pages at a time as the story often seems so sad that I couldn't continue. All Phantom of the Opera fans have their own mental picture of the phantom's life but there is much they will applaud in this well written book. No matter how many times the story is told there are always new and fresh ways of explaining Erik's life. Ms. Bruns has promised much with this book and it's successors. Certainly she has fulfilled that initial promise. I look forward eagerly to each new volume in the series. For those of us who loved this story, it is indeed a long wait for book two. Please hurry.

C. Bowman from New York, USA, wrote: This book was just wonderful. It fills in a lot of what we didn't know about the Phantom's early years.  I'm ready for the second book.  I wonder when that one will be available??   

 Karen from UK wrote:  I decided to buy your book and am writing to say how much I enjoyed it. The addition of a father was very interesting and I appreciated seeing how a loving relationship between the two could have been. To me, this made the fate of that state of affairs as bad, if not worse, than if it had not existed at all. … Your descriptions of people, feelings, places and events are very eloquent, three-dimensional and thought-provoking, especially as they are through Erik's eyes.

 Marilyn from Warren, PA, USA wrote:  This is an eye opener of a book. It explains so much to us who have been intrigued by Erik, the Man, the enigma that reigned with heart wrenching passion and terror over the denizens of the Paris Opera House so long ago. Theodora Bruns begins a series of books that explains how and why he evolved into this genius, on the edge of madness and greatness.

Her first book, Through Phantom Eyes, is so well researched and written that you are drawn into this young child’s life and discover why he develops into this boy with an intellect and perception of abnormal proportions. He has so many challenges and so many desperate decisions to make in his young mind and thanks to his loving and patient father, he is guarded and guided a point... We realize his search for respectability, acceptance and to be loved are careening towards an inevitable clash with what the rest of the world considers normal and safe. Young Erik follows his instincts and you know in your heart that this is going to develop into another series of heartbreak, challenges and survival. I recommend this first book of the series to lay the groundwork for all the future emotions this story will incite into our hearts and minds and Theodora is a master storyteller. A wonderful addition to my Phantom collection. I hope her new book comes out soon. This young Erik remains in my mind and I am anxious to resume our acquaintance.

Patti from New York, USA wrote:   I read the final chapters all in one night as I couldn’t wait to see the outcome. I must say, I truly enjoyed reading about Erik’s first years and the actions and events that touched his life throughout the years. Plus, all the little referrals in the story of the Phantom of the Opera that we all know, that shaped and molded him. I would want to know the next phase of his life, Volume two, as the average general public reader would most likely want to continue the “journey.”  I think she is a fantastic writer for only a novice. Sounds like she's an experienced writer instead, that has been writing books forever! I did truly enjoy the story and her descriptions brought me right into the picture, and she did make the reader (me) speed up at parts, feel mad, sad, etc. So, all that was meant to play with the reader’s emotions is all in place. Thanks for the beginning of Erik’s journey – look forward to Volume two.

April from California, USA wrote:   Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!  I was not one who anyone would call a Phantom fan, although I had seen the musical. I was at first, trepidatious about reading this book, but boy, did I eat my words. Within the first chapter I was hooked. The writing style and emotion put into this book are absolutely wonderful, beyond words. I’m sure that anyone who starts to read it will not be able to put it down. I wait in excited anticipation for the next volume from this amazing author. Kudos to the author

Cindy from Romney, WV, USA wrote:  I have finished reading the wonderful book, Through Phantom Eyes - Volume One.  And it is with great reluctance that I close it and place it on my bookshelf until a future day when I am sure to visit it again.  I enjoyed it so much. And I, like Erik when he saw his first opera, wanted to hold on to the moment as long as I could.  But all too soon this fine book came to an end.   

Ms. Bruns really made Erik come to life.  It was just as if he was speaking to me, revealing his life secrets and feelings.  She is a wonderful writer and quite skilled at weaving a complex story.  Her writing flows along so easily that I often found myself totally immersed in the story and I regretted the times I had to put it down and come back to the real world.   

I knew that Erik must have suffered great tragedy in his life to be who he was in Leroux's book.  Before I began reading Through Phantom Eyes, I was hoping there would be good times for him.  I was glad to see Ms. Bruns take that approach in his relationship with his father and with his sister; in the wonder he found in simple things and the joy he had in his music. Now I anxiously await the next volume of Erik's story.  Thank you, Ms. Bruns, for writing these books.  I hope to read everything she publishes and I look forward to spending many more pleasant hours with them. 

Joyce from Kansas City, KS, USA wrote:  When is the next Phantom book comming out??? and the rest??? I want to get the whole series ... I really loved the first one, and am eager to read more.